VR Drymask

Virtual Reality Sports are some of the most effective and fun ways to get in shape. The only problem is sweat. Your HMD will quickly saturate making it a breeding ground for bacteria, and sharing a soaked headset with friends can be a very unpleasant experience.

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The VR Drymask the smartest way to protect your HMD from perspiration. The absorbent band not only protects your headset from saturation but also adds a dimension of comfort. Friends can enjoy a single headset without any concerns about hygiene. 

The VR Drymask should be an addition to every Virtual Reality Kit!

Light and Easy

The breathable band can be slipped on in just a few seconds, allowing you to fire up your favourite VR sports as quickly as possible!

Added Comfort

The extra layer of padding reduces the effect of your headset's pressure points on your face and forehead.

Don't Hold Back!

Push yourself past your limits! Your headset is protected, along with others who use it. GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT!